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DragonSoul hack - How to generate Diamonds and Gold

Hello fans of DragonSoul, if you are looking for a way to generate Gold and Diamonds this is the best place you could visit for this purpose. We successfully managed the creation of a DragonSoul hack that can be used from every device. As it is completely browser based there are no downloads or cheat codes needed.

The biggest advantage our DragonSoul hack has compared to the other tools that are available is, that it is fully compatible to every device OS (iOS and Android). Not that it is only possible to use the hack tool from every device, it can also be used to hack every version of the game that is available to download. This means for you, no more waiting times until you can update the game to the latest version. Previous versions made you lose access to the DragonSoul cheats tool if you update the game until a new patch has been released that supported the newest version of the game.

About DragonSoul and the gameplay

We always enjoyed playing DragonSoul a lot, it can be much fun going through all the different levels and boss fights. The battle system is pretty simple to understand, as the game is round based there is no chance for bustle. So you could say DragonSoul is a good game to have a relaxed time playing. To perform a attack on an enemy you have to press on the characters icon and then press on the enemy to attack him. He will then take damage according to your characters stats.

After finishing a level successfully you will get rewarded for it with Gold and sometimes you also get a few diamonds. Mostly diamonds can be achieved by completing tasks or levels. With the release of the DragonSoul hack we opened completely new ways for you. You can now generate exactly as much Gold and Diamonds as you need to have to do whatever you want to do.

DragonSoul hack instructions

First of all you should scroll to the top of the page. Then enter your DragonSoul username and press the „Connect“ button. The DragonSoul cheats will then start the search for your account, if it can be found you will be able to select how many Diamonds and Gold you wish to add to your account at the next step. You can then select a amount of resources between 1 and 1.000.000 of each resource.

Is there a easier way to get resources?

As we know there are a lot of other DragonSoul hack tools available but most of them have to be either downloaded or require you to modify your phone. That is not what we wanted for our hack tool so we did the hard work for you and created one of the best hacks that can be found for DragonSoul.

With the latest remake of the user-interface and the server upgrade you should be always able to get your resources within three minutes as maximum. No matter how many traffic we got we finally managed to handle all of it by cleaning up the code to prevent a few errors that were power consuming. DragonSoul cheats has become one of the most used online generators within the last weeks as players are always sharing it with each other the number of users is always growing.

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