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Create endless amounts of Gold and Bucks

Version 2.1 Last Updated: 10/07/2017 EDT

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Vega Conflict hack all kind of resources

No matter what resource you want to have the Vega Conflict hack can generate all of them for you within a matter of minutes. Coins, Mineral Ore, Helium and Animatter won’t be hard for you to get anymore. At first we wanted to lock the amounts for your account so you never run out of resources again. As this is not possible at all we just increased the maximum amount of every resource.

So you can generate more than one million of each resource by using the online hack a single time. We made this changes to the Vega Conflict hack to make things more secure as you have to use the hack much less often. At the moment there is no other cheats provider that lets you create bigger amounts of resources than we do.

The big values of resources combined with the security and the easy understandable user-interface make this hack special. And this is one of the reasons why we became the number one source for Vega Conflict cheats.

Tutorial using the Vega Conflict cheats tool

Things became much easier for you since we converted the Vega Conflict hack apk into a fully compatible online hack. Additionally you can now use the hack from every device. It does not matter at all if it is a iOS/Android tablet or smartphone even PC and MAC is compatible to it. The device does not have to be modified or anything, there are even no more downloads needed with the online hack.

  • Enter your Vega Conflict username or E-Mail address attached to it.
  • Enter the amounts of resources.
  • Hit the „Generate“ button.
  • Lean back and wait for your Coins and other resources to arrive.
  • Have fun building your space-base.

  • What is Vega Conflict about?

    In this mobile game you have to build your base in space and fight battles against others to steal their resources and increase your territory. Your goal is it to always increase the power of your base and the number of resources you make per hour. The best way to increase this is by generating Coins and Mineral Ore using the Vega Conflict cheats.

    The battling system of the game is really easy as it features an „KI“ mode where they are controlled by bots which is pretty advisable if you are not familiar with it. To be able to always conquer new parts of the galaxy and enlarge your base you will have to build a strong defense and attacking ships also. The stronger the building or ships are the more coins and other resources are needed to purchase them. Some of them require you to farm a lot of resources to build them only once. So we made sure that the Vega Conflict hack can generate enough resources for you to be able to buy everything you need.

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