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War Dragons Cheats

War Dragons is a base building game similar to Clash of Clans and many other games of that genre. It is still unique because of the amazing Dragon Fights you will experience while either playing through the story mode or in online battles. What all these games have in common is that you will need big amounts of resources to be successful in playing them. This is one of the main reasons why there is a big demand for a tool like our War Dragons hack. Usually you need to invest much time or cash to achieve what the hack tool can give you within a few minutes.

When building your base you should think carefully about where you place you buildings. Make sure to always protect your resources and town hall the most as they are the most important buildings for you to defend. The better your defense is the less resources you will lose per battle. If a building gets destroyed you will have to wait some time until it is rebuild which can be a little disturbing. The latest version of the War Dragons hack tool will provide you with enough resources to make sure to upgrade all of your buildings to the maximum level available.

War Dragons hack and gameplay

It is a strategy game which is all about dragons. You can use them to set your opponents base in flames and steal their resources. Before your Dragon can to this you have to hatch and breed it of course. After you did this you can use it to destroy cities of enemies within no time depending on the strength of your dragon. With every town it sets in flames the Dragon gains experience which will make him more powerful. This is one of your main tasks in the game. This whole leveling process can be fastened up by getting resources using the War Dragons cheats.

The game begins with a single player tutorial which will learn you how to play the game and what is important to do. After finishing this the game will start and you can beat real players. You will get attacked by nearby islands at the beginning so make sure to build a few archery towers to defend your town successfully. After playing the game for a little time you will see that you unlock new buildings, dragons and other things from time to time. They not only get stronger also more expensive and thats why you should definitely use the War Dragons cheats tool to get the resources you need.

Design and Animations

For a mobile game War Dragons looks pretty good with it’s high quality textures and effects. The games overall design is pretty simple with only a few needed buttons to make use of all features. Once you start fighting you will see the nicely designed animations and the perfectly drawn Dragons that were made by professional designers.

Instructions using the War Dragons Hack
  • Scroll up to the top of the online generator.
  • Enter your War Dragons username or email address.
  • Type the amount of Rubies and Egg Tokens into the attached field.
  • Press the „Start“ button and lean back until the hack finishes.
  • Restart the game and see your resources count up.

  • Conclusion of the hack tool

    Summarized you can say that the War Dragons cheats is the best help you can get as it is the biggest source for resources of any kind that is available for free. You will not have to pay a single penny for resources ever again.

    It will be easier than ever before building all different types of buildings including towers etc. You will also have the possibility to level up your Dragon a lot faster as you can power it up with all your resources.

    For future updates you can expect the War Dragons hack to always get better to use and understand. With the steady updates we release for this hack we ensure the longevity and safety of our online generator.

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